Top 10 Free resources to learn Microsoft Excel

Top 10 Free resources to learn Microsoft Excel

Top 10 Free resources to learn Microsoft Excel

         Students often ask me to recommend best online Excel resources for further reference. After fighting the urge to LMGTFY them 🙂 , I suggest to utilize the largest search engine in the World, and trust Google to present the most relevant results for their query. (Searching for specific terms within relevant time frame would improve your search results dramatically.)

         In addition, the second largest search engine in the World can stream very helpful How-To videos on magnitude of topics. This means that one can search YouTube to learn not only how to unclog a toilet, but also how to create a PivotChart.

         If you are in a hurry, and don’t feel like watching a 10 minute video;SlideShare comes to the rescue, and offers a plethora of presentations, including Excel tutorials. Heck, you can browse through the SlideShare version of this post below.

         That being said, some of us feel safer when using credible and trusted sources for all of our Excel needs. I started compiling the list of useful resources before YouTube and Slideshare came to existence, and added others over time. I hope that this post will satisfy your thirst for Excel knowledge. Many of these sites include tutorials, blog entries, discussion forums and YouTube videos.

         Chandoo    Purna Duggirala’s blog is a go-to resource for all things Excel: Functions, PivotTables, Charts, Dashboards, and VBA.

         The Spreadsheet Page    John Walkenbach is by far the most authoritative Excel writer, who published most sought out books on Excel.

         Pearson Software Consulting    Chip Person has put together a comprehensive list of Excel tutorials, with the emphasis on VBA and advanced functions.

         Contextures    Debra Dalgleish offers advice and tips on different Excel topics. She is a published author of 3 PivotTables books. Her ExcelTheatre blog features hilarious Excel- related tweets.

         Daily Does of Excel     ‘Excel tips and other stuff’ from Dick Kusleika and other Excel gurus.

         Peltier Tech Blog    Jon Peltier’s blog has more information about Excel charts than you can possibly handle.

         Mr Excel    Bill Jelen authored numerous books on various Excel topics, his forum is one of the most visited Excel forums.

         ExcelIsFun YouTube channel    Mike Girvin created over 2,200 how-to videos covering various Excel topics of interest.

          ExcelVBAIsFun YouTube channel    Daniel Strong runs YouTube’s # 1 Excel VBA Training and Tutorial channel.

         Excel MVPs    Directory listing of all Microsoft’s Most Valuable Persons in Excel. Web design, circa 1994 is just an added bonus.

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